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The fall of Khayud
May 31, 09 11:23 PM
Adeptus city is ours!
May 14, 09 6:12 PM
NotGuilty has tapped a news reporter!
May 7, 09 4:45 PM
Darkfall update!
Mar 23, 09 6:31 PM
Not Guilty Has a New Address!
Mar 7, 09 12:05 PM

New Guild Leader --

As you all already know, NotGuilty has a new Supreme general in replacement of aegore, this is myself, Drop You. First of all i want to say i did not ask for this position, Aegore offered it to me and this means he must have faith in me to do the job correctly. However, i want to know if you guys have confidence in me to do the job or not, if you don't then i do not want to do it and will pass the leadership

I'm not the best person for these types of writeups but i am going to try to explain a little on the current topics

1) Myself, My playstyle and my Strengths

2) My plans for the guild leadership

3) My plans for the guilds future

1- I'm not a stranger to leading clans, i have led several successful guilds in games similar to Darkfall such as Neocron, Age of conan,  Shadowbane, Lineage 2. I also ran my own UO freeshard for 6 Years. My main strengths as a guild leader is Politics/Diplomacy, Recruitment, Social/Morale, all of which are a good asset in Darkfall. I like to get as much action as possible, whenever and whatever type it is, as long as its entertaining :)

2- I do not plan to hold the guild leadership forever, i want to create a council of members, a system i'v seen work in previous games, basically i will choose a council of members of various playstyles, who will vote on major decisions for the guild as well as ideas etc. This may not come for several months though.

3- This is where the big plans are, i want to open options for the guild, i want to continue the journey we have been on until we find ourself in a comfortable position, currently i believe we are living in a bubble in a sleepy town whilst missing out on the drama and big action going on elsewhere.

 I want to get in on this action, i have several ideas including "holidaying", choosing a alliance in far away chaos city to make a friendly pact with so we can use their city to take a break from our current.

I'm also not against expanding the current alliance slightly and appropiatly and then offering the alliance out as merceneries for city defense or attack or even the option to be paid to "hassle" a city for somebody over a period of days

or even to help an under-dog alliance to fight one of the big "bad boys" of the server

I'd also like to see some espionage,bribery, easiest way to explain this is with this example

We pay a noob in elfland to join defenders of mirendei and then pay him for information on where they are, of course payment only upon death of them

I want to get into the politics of the game, i want to learn the hotspots for action, the populated areas, i want to research all the cities of the mainland + yssam + rubyait and find out their population, quality of players and timezone, we could maybe record this information on the forum as a kind of database

Next is recruitment, i want to rebuild the size/activeness of the guild to what it was at rubyait, i want to be able to see good numbers in vent, and be able to launch attacks of 15 guildies or so on cities. I know recruitment is hard, but i'm good at it and can give you guys some good advice, if you listen to me and take up on the chances you get to recruit or poach players then we will be fine.

Democracy, i want to hear more feedback and suggestions from players, more discussions, and decisions made as a guild, hopefully some of you will speak up, if your a member of notguilty then it means your thoughts count, and you should let them be known.

I'll try to hold meetings where people can discuss their ideas with me privatly and their concerns or ideas for the guild, this will become more important when we have new members join, as we'll need to discuss them and make sure their right for the guild

now for the big question

when do we start seeing some action and changes?

answer : when i finish work, 5 days from now :P

The fall of Khayud

Engineer1, May 31, 09 11:23 PM.
Hired on a mercenary contract to assist with the siege of Khayod, NotGuilty quickly suited up 20 of its best warriors to fufill the contract.  Along with other members of the Cactus Alliance proceeded to lock down vital parts of the City in siege where no members of NotGuilty clan were lost during the battle.   This decisive victory widened the grasp of the Cactus Alliance to a much needed northern portion of Ruibiyat continuing to ensure the saftey of the Alliance from the heathen attacks from the North.  Once again, NotGuilty continues to prove its  PVP prowess  in the brutal world of DarkFall.

Lieutenant Oxyde theTireless
NotGuilty Clan                       

Adeptus city is ours!

Engineer1, May 14, 09 6:12 PM.
The Cactus Alliance took another city this week.  With the Adeptus Guild city now in possession of the Soldiers of Thunderstorm,  the Cactus alliance now has a stranglehold over the a large part of Rubiyat.  I also like to welcome a new clan to the Alliance.  Welcome Argonauts!    The  Cactus Alliance looks to strike fear onto any and all who would come to Rubiyat in search of treasure and riches.   NotGuilty is also looking forward to the future and working to the acquisition of a warship to spread our lethality to the high seas.   

On another note,  Eurogamer gained some recognition recently with its scandalous  review of Darkfall, a review that Aventurine called out due to the reviewers length of play time and inability to grasp the even the basics of control of a character in Darkfall.  A recent comic from a member of the Mercs clan can be found here:  I found it enjoyable and I hope you do also.  Thats all for now, but be sure to check back soon for any other news updates or pm me if you like more information on Darkfall or NotGuilty Clan.

Lieutenant Oxyde theTireless
NotGuilty Clan

NotGuilty has tapped a news reporter!

Engineer1, May 7, 09 4:45 PM.
Keep an eye on the news section in the upcoming weeks as I will be posting about clan activity, recent PvP fights versus other clans and where the clan is headed in the future.   Also, there will be information pertaining to our new Alliance and our new home in Rubiyat.  Please contact me via pm with any screenshots or video that you would like to have posted.   Thanks to Aegore Ras for giving me the opportunity to flaunt my poor journalism skills.   Check back soon for new and exciting news bits concerning NotGuilty Clan.      

Oxyde theTireless
News Reporter NotGuilty Clan

Darkfall update!

sh4dowknight, Mar 23, 09 6:31 PM.
We have now been playing Darkfall Online for a few weeks... So far its been going great, and we have been learning a lot as a Clan, and when the new server is up, we will surely kick a whole bunch of ass!

Since we now are more established as a Guild, with 41 members, we are slowing down recruitment... Once we hit 50, we plan on cutting down on inactive members, and slowly recruit until we have a max of 50 -active- members, with about 35 'core' members in the Guild, and 15 extra to fill in when we need more.

I have set up a poll, about how many Clan-scheduled events we should have per week, and I'm happy to say that after looking at this poll, I have come up with a solid schedule for us as a Clan! All I need from you now, is that you answer the final poll question, "What days are best for you?". Once this poll is done, I will craft a Clan schedule which will consist of 5 scheduled Clan events per week, 3 of which you are REQUIRED to sign up for and attend per week to maintain an 'active' member status within the Clan! If you cannot maintain the activity level needed for this clan, (and you do not report when you cannot make it for a scheduled op) then this may not be the Clan for you.

NotGuilty is taking a more -hardcore- route than we planned, and we want to stay small, close-knit, and to be recognized as a very skilled, determined group of similar minded gamers.

-Aegore Ras

Not Guilty Has a New Address!

System, Mar 7, 09 12:05 PM.
Not Guilty has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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